What is a CSA?

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. It is a good way for you to connect with the farms and ranches that produce food for
your family. The idea of a CSA began with vegetable farmers who saw it as a way to spread the risk and benefits of farming and as a
way to raise money at the beginning of the season instead of at the end. The CSA sells shares of the farm or ranch prior to the growing
season. As vegetables are harvested, members get their “share” each week.

Windkist Ranch operates on a similar, community based principle. We offer a certain number of shares of meat every year based on
the animals we are raising at any given time. The “share season is 6 months long, from May until Oct. The shares are distributed once
a month at pre-arranged locations based on location of the shareholders. Shares can also be picked up at our ranch at appointed days
and times. We charge monthly rather than seasonally the way vegetable CSA’s do, since we know meat is more expensive and we are
reluctant to accept credit cards. Purchasing food on credit is very unsustainable. We would rather have a monthly commitment that is
realistic for our customers who can pay with cash or check.

Why support Windkist Ranch CSA?

Our CSA is for people who love good food, but also care about animals. CSA’s are invaluable for people who want to know where their
food comes from and in the case of meat, in particular, how it has been raised. Humane treatment, the lack of hormone or antibiotic use
in raising our animals and the care and attention we give everyone should be a comfort to consumers that are conscience of the
atrocities of typical factory farming and reject that model of meat production.

Is Windkist Ranch Certified Organic?

No, and we have no intention of becoming USDA Certified Organic.  Organic certification only requires animals are fed Certified
Organic feed, which is important, but it does not require animals be treated in a humane way or allowed fresh air and sunshine.  We
voluntarily feed nothing that is Genetically Modified.  We go far beyond what the USDA requires as a standard.

How does Windkist Ranch CSA work?

To become a Windkist Ranch Meat CSA member, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and return it to the Windkist Ranch
Farmer’s Market booth or drop it in the mail. The membership lasts for a 6-month period, from May through Oct. Shares are reserved
for current shareholders first and new members will be put on a waiting list. You will receive a follow-up notice from us regarding your
status, but please be patient, since we are full-time ranchers and do not spend our days in the office.

How much does it cost to have a meat CSA share with Windkist Ranch?

The cost of a share is directly tied to our cost of raising animals in a humane and sustainable way. Payment for each share is due when
the share is delivered or picked up from our ranch. We fully expect our shareholders to honor their 6-month commitment to us, and
plan our raising and processing based on that commitment. Although we have 350 acres on which the animals can graze, we must buy
winter hay and supplemental feeds for animals. Therefore, each animal represents a considerable investment of our time and the
money we receive from shareholders.

You will know in advance the number of pounds of meat you are committed to every month, but you will not know the mix of meats or
cuts of meat. We will try to honor special requests, if possible, but we are a CSA not a grocery store. Each share will represent a
portion of the animals we have processed in the past month, and will include pork, lamb and chicken. Your shares will vary every month
with available meats and cuts. In addition to the CSA meat shares, various meats and cuts can be purchased additionally at regular

Membership Level        Monthly Price        6-Month Total
10 lbs per month           $ 80.00           $ 480.00
15 lbs per month          $ 120.00        $ 720.00
20 lbs per month          $ 160.00        $ 960.00
25 lbs per month            $ 200.00        $ 1200.00
More than 25 lbs per month        $ 8.00           In 5 lb increments

In addition to the membership fee, there is a onetime fee of $25.00 for a meat cooler to deliver your flash frozen meat to the drop-off
location. We do expect to see you at the drop-off location. If you are unable to be at the location at the pre-arranged time, it is your
responsibility to make arrangements for someone to get your share. If we bring your meat to a drop-off location and you do not pick it
up, you will be invoiced for the meat and you are expected to pay as if you received it. If you are totally unable to pick up your meat at
the prearranged location and time, call us within 48 hours to make alternative arrangements.
We also offer an egg share of 4 dozen green eggs (from Americana Chickens) per month throughout the 6-month meat share period.
The cost is $20.00 each month, for a total of $120.00.

Can CSA Members visit Windkist Ranch?

Yes, in fact we encourage visits from our members and their families. We only ask that you call and make sure we are here to show you
around, since most of our animals are free ranging and can be overly friendly or in the case of new mothers, overly protective. We also
do in-depth ranch tours and workshops throughout the year.
Yes, I am committed to becoming a Member of Windkist Ranch Meat CSA
Enjoying Fresh, grass fed meat      Ensuring my meat is hormone and chemical free
Supporting local agriculture     Promoting Humane Farming Practices     Preserving Open Space

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Please mark ( X ) your CSA Meat and Egg Membership Share Commitment Level

I want to be a Member of Windkist Ranch Meat and Egg CSA. I have enclosed $25.00 for the deposit of a meat cooler to receive my
flash frozen meat in every month. I understand I will be contacted as to the availability of new memberships, drop-off locations and
times. By signing this I agree to all the terms of the Windkist Ranch CSA and understand my commitment to pay for the shares I have
agreed to.

Membership Level
Monthly Price
6-Month Total
Share Commitment
10 lbs Per Month
15 lbs Per Month
20 lbs Per Month
25 lbs Per Month
More than 25 lbs per Month
In 5 lb Increments
Eggs 4 dozen Per Month
Windkist Ranch  Meat and Egg CSA