Pastured Chicken CSA
We have had many requests for raising broilers since quality pastured birds that
are not fed any corn or soy is very difficult to find. We are offering a limited
amount of broilers to our Meat and Egg CSA members, but since broilers are a
seasonally raised bird here in Colorado, we have decided to offer an additional
opportunity for others to enjoy this delicious poultry. We will raise as many
broilers as we have advanced orders for through our Chicken CSA in a once a
year distribution.

We have selected Red Ranger (Red Broiler) as the bird we are going to grow.
These birds are more active the common Cornish hybrids, so they grow more
slowly, but don't have the leg problems the Cornish have. These birds have great
livability and a 70% live to dress weight yield. The breast meat is in natural
proportion to the leg meat. It has yellow skin, shanks and beak with dark red
feathers showcasing black highlights. An excellent forager, the Red Ranger is
able to withstand the free range or natural living environment very well.

Under Federal Exemption P.L. 90-492 we can process without inspection up to
1000 birds that we raise. We have invested in all the professional equipment to
ensure a nice looking dressed bird. Beyond that we are committed to humane
treatment of all of our animals and processing the chickens here are the ranch
will reduce their stress because they are not transported to a processing plant.
On ranch processing also reduces cross contamination associated with the
co-mingling of other birds.

Dead-line to order these broilers is March 30, 2013. (See details below)
Red Rangers, one of the best
breeds for pastured poultry
Windkist Ranch 2013 Chicken CSA
What is a CSA?
CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. It is a good way for you to connect with the farms and ranches that
produce food for your family. The idea of a CSA began with vegetable farmers who saw it as a way to spread the risk
and benefits of farming and as a way to raise money at the beginning of the season instead of at the end. The CSA
sells shares of the farm or ranch prior to the growing season. As vegetables are harvested, members get their
“share” each week.
Windkist Ranch operates on a similar, community based principle. We offer shares of Chicken to our members based
on the amount of chicken they desire. The Chicken shares differ from the Meat and Egg shares in that instead of
offering chicken once a month for six (6) months, the chicken share will be offered at one time, at the end of the
growing season. The chicken shares are distributed at per-arranged locations based on location of the shareholders.
Shares can also be picked up at our ranch at appointed days and times. We require a deposit when the chicken
share order is placed with the balance due when the birds are delivered. We will accept cash or checks, no credit
cards. Purchasing food on credit is very unsustainable. We would rather have a commitment that is realistic for our
customers who are willing to pay with cash or check.

Why support Windkist Ranch CSA?
Our CSA is for people who love good food, but also care about animals. CSA’s are invaluable for people who want to
know where their food comes from and in the case of meat, in particular, how it has been raised. Humane treatment,
the lack of hormone or antibiotic use in raising our animals and the care and attention we give everyone should be a
comfort to consumers that are conscience of the atrocities of typical factory farming and reject that model of meat

Is Windkist Ranch Certified Organic?
No, and we have no intention of becoming USDA Certified Organic.  Organic certification only requires animals are
fed Certified Organic feed, which is important, but it does not require animals be treated in a humane way or allowed
fresh air and sunshine.  We go far beyond what the USDA requires as a standard. We voluntarily feed nothing that is
Genetically Modified.  We feed the chickens a Grower formula that contains no soy, no corn, and no GMO's.
additional protein needed for growing chickens comes from fish meal now, but we are building a grub grower.
Feeding ocean fish to our chicken is reprehensible and we intend to stop this practice immediately when the grubs
arrive. We also plan to freeze extra for the winter months.
 Additionally, our chickens are pastured or free range as
much as possible. Keeping with our desire for contented, quality chicken we are going to process the chicken
ourselves, on our ranch, reducing stress on the chickens and reducing the possibility of contamination present in
large processing plants. Below is an outline of the Producer Exemption that will allow us to offer un inspected chicken
to our shareholders.

Producer/Grower – 1,000 Limit Exemption Limited provisions apply to poultry growers who slaughter no more than
1,000 poultry in a calendar year for use as human food. A person may slaughter and process on his or her premises
poultry that he or she raised and they may distribute such poultry without mandatory inspection when the following six
criteria are met [ 9 CFR §381.10(c) ].
1. The poultry grower slaughters no more than 1,000 healthy birds of his or her own raising in a calendar year for
distribution as human food;
2. The poultry grower does not engage in buying or selling poultry products other than those produced from poultry
raised on his or her own farm;
3. The slaughter and processing are conducted under sanitary standards, practices, and procedures that produce
poultry products that are sound, clean, and fit for human food (not adulterated);
4. The producer keeps records necessary for the effective enforcement of the Act [ 9 CFR 381.175 ]; and
5. The poultry products do not move in commerce.

Note: Commerce means the exchange or transportation of poultry products between States, U.S. territories (Guam,
Virgin Islands of the United States, and American Samoa), and the District of Columbia [ 9CFR §381.1(b) ].
6. The shipping containers bear:
      a. the producer’s name,
      b. the producer’s address, and
      c. the statement, Exempt P.L. 90-492.                 “Exempt P.L. 90-492" identifies the product as product
produced under an exemption from the Act, Public Law 90-492. Instead of the Federal law 90-492, a State law may
be cited when the inspection of the slaughter and processing of poultry is exempted under the authority of a State
law and the operations are reviewed by a State Agency.

How does Windkist Ranch Chicken CSA work?
To become a Windkist Ranch Chicken CSA member, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and return it to
the Windkist Ranch. The final day to place your chicken order is March 30, 2013. Any orders after that date will be
denied, but you can be placed on a waiting list for the following year. You will receive a follow-up notice from us
regarding your status, but please be patient, since we are full-time ranchers and do not spend our days in the office.

How much does it cost to have a meat CSA share with Windkist Ranch?        
The cost of a Chicken share is directly tied to our cost of raising animals in a humane and sustainable way. A deposit
is required for each Chicken share with the balance due upon delivery or pick up of the finished, processed chickens.
The chickens will cost $6.50 per pound and will weigh an average of 3 to 5 pounds. We fully expect our shareholders
to honor their commitment to us, as we plan our raising and processing based on that commitment. Although we have
350 acres on which the chicken can pasture we must buy supplemental feeds for them. Therefore, each chicken
represents a considerable investment of our time and the money we receive from shareholders. You will commit to  
the number of chickens you want us to grow for you, knowing the weight varies, but will be 3 to 5 pounds on average.
We are a CSA and not a grocery store.

We do expect to see you at the drop-off location. If you are unable to be at the location at the per-arranged time, it is
your responsibility to make arrangements for someone to get your share. If we bring your chickens to a drop-off
location and you do not pick it up, you will be invoiced for the order and you are expected to pay as if you received it.
If you are totally unable to pick up your chicken at the prearranged location and time, call us within 48 hours to make
alternative arrangements.

Can Chicken CSA Members visit Windkist Ranch?
Yes, in fact we encourage visits from our members and their families. We only ask that you call and make sure we are
here to show you around, since most of our animals are free ranging and can be overly friendly or in the case of new
mothers, overly protective. We also do in-depth ranch tours and workshops throughout the year.

If you have any questions or require additional information please don't hesitate to call us at:

719-839-5817 or email us at

If you are interested in a Chicken CSA Share fill out the form below, making sure to indicate how many chickens you
are committed to, and return to Windkist Ranch on or before March 30, 2013.
Yes, I am committed to becoming a Member of Windkist Ranch Chicken CSA
Supporting local agriculture        Ensuring Chicken is hormone, chemical, corn, soy, GMO free
Promoting Humane Farming Practices         Preserving Open Space

Name_________________________________ Email_________________________________


Phone Number________________________________


I want to be a Member of Windkist Ranch Chicken CSA.  I understand I will be contacted when the Chickens are
grown, processed, frozen and ready for pick up or delivery.  By signing this I agree to all the terms of the Windkist
Ranch CSA and understand my commitment to pay for the Chicken shares I have agreed to.
  *Example based on 3 lb bird, actual weight may vary.

Print Chicken CSA form below
and on or before March 30,
2013 return to:

Windkist Ranch
P O Box 250
Hartsel, CO 80449
Number of Chicken
Shares You Want
$6.50 Per Pound
Averaage Chicken
Weight: 3 lbs
1/2 Deposit amount

Example: 20

20 X 6.50 = $130.00

130.00 X 3 = $390.00